To Blog or Not to Blog…

I’ve been thinking for a while whether or not to begin a blog associated with St Giles. Before moving to West Bridgford I enjoyed writing a personal blog – ‘Anselmic’s place‘ – strange name I know, there is a story behind it, visit the blog. Moving back to the UK it seemed naturally to leave that blog behind. Now that I’ve been in the UK for a year the urge to blog again has taken root. But being a blogging vicar linked to the church website there are a few issues to consider.

In the blue corner are the arguments against:

Chiefly – is there not something essentially egotistical in the whole notion of blogging? i.e. publishing your own thoughts for the benefit of the wider world. Doesn’t this conflict with the notion of self effacing Christian leadership and ministry.

Secondly – What about the whole personal / private distinction. Is it appropriate for a vicar to air his private views in a public forum such as blog.

Thirdly – have I got the time to make this worthwhile?

Then there are the arguments for:

Blogging is an effective means of communication. And, a big part of contemporary Christian ministry is about communication. Preachers and pastors, ministers and vicars spend a lot of time and effort thinking, reading, praying and preparing, talks, sermons, messages of one kind or another. Why not in the 21st Century use the medium of blogging?

Blogging can be interactive. There is opportunity for debate and interaction though the appropriate use of comments, and this interactive element is absent from much contemporary preaching and teaching.

Thirdly, and for me the clincher was an argument I came across here at the John Pipers Desiring God website (weblibrary would be a better description). Blogging makes you think, and Christian leaders need to think more carefully than they often do. I’ll quote from the article in question –

If you’re a pastor, you probably already know the value writing has for thinking. Through writing, you delve into new ideas and new insights. If you strive to write well, you will at the same time be striving to think well.

So I’m convinced. And here’s the blog, with a few ground rules

  1. This is very much a personal blog. It doesn’t represent the views of anyone other than me and I reserve the right to change my mind!
  2. Comments, critiques, challenges are welcome but will be moderated.
  3. This is a place for news and views, but pastoral issues pertinent to St Giles will not be discussed
  4. I’ll post regularly as I’m able…
  5. It’s go to be fun!



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