July 7th Memorial Unveiled – a reminder we are all connected

7/7/07 – I followed the story on CNN from the Philippines. I used to travel on the tube daily into work like millions of others. I thought of the what if’s, and the people I knew who would be making that same journey. Statisticians tell us that everyone is connected to everyone else by a chain of at most 7 people. Did I know anyone connected directly to the bombing?

Turns out I did. A class mate from seminary was the mother of one of the victims. In her final year, and me in my first, we met weekly together in a fellowship group for prayer and Bible study. We would each share and prayer for one another and our families. My friend was a priest at the time of the bombing. She subsequently came out of the ministry as a direct result of the impact of the July 7th bombing – another innnocent victim. As the memorial to the victims of 7/7 was unveiled I prayed for those directly affected, and remembered that we are all connected one to another.


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