Christian Convert killed in Somalia

This situation in Somalia, and particulalry Mogadishu is rarely far from the headlines, yet the struggles of the small church in that country are rarely reported. In 2008 at least 10 Christians were killed for their faith and several others kidnapped and raped. Islam is the offical religion and there is no legal provision for religious freedom, or anything which faintly resembles a functionning police force or judiciary.

Compass Direct has the news of the latest killing.

Muslim extremists early this morning killed a Christian convert in Mahadday Weyne, Somalia, 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Mogadishu. Al Shabaab Islamist militia shot Mohammed Sheikh Abdiraman to death at 7 a.m., eyewitnesses told Compass. They said the Islamic extremists appeared to have been hunting the convert from Islam, and when they found him they did not hesitate to shoot him. The sources told Compass that Abdiraman was the leader of an underground “cell group” of Christians in Somalia. “We are very sad about this incident, and we also are not safe,” one eyewitness said by telephone. “Pray for us.”


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