First Monday Prayer Meeting

At our AGM this past April I focussed on what I feel God is calling us to give attention to in the life of St Giles. I outlined 4 priorities and one of these was prayer. Sue Ferraro has taken on the mantle of ‘prayer champion’ for St Giles, and whilst we are still figuring out all that entails, there is no doubt that a core component is to call people to gather together to pray. Our first prayer evening was fantastic, and we’ve decided to begin a monthly prayer meeting at St Giles. Obviously all are welcome to join us. We’re calling it ‘First Monday’. We’ll meet at church at 8pm on the first Monday of every month and spend time praying and in worship together. My prayer for this meeting is that in time it will become the spiritual engine of St Giles, place where we seek God and hear from him.

Our first Meeting is Monday 3rd August 8pm.

Bishop John Guernsey of the Church of Uganda in America is someone whose sermons I’ve recently discovered on this Interweb thingy and they’ve been a real blessing to me. Here he is on the ‘Prayer Driven Church’. I hope it inspires you as it did me.


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