A New Year – A New start…

We all need to take a break at times, and so at the end of April 2010 I gave myself a week or so off blogging. a week became weeks, weeks became months, and then, well, it’s January 2011 and a couple of people ask me whether I’veghiven up blogging for good.

I hadn’t, not deliberately anyway, but it was a struggle. The hardest thing is not thinking of something to blog about, the hardest thing is getting the balance right between your public and private worlds. When I was in the Philippines, it wasn’t so difficult. No-one with whom I worked had access to the internet, and the blog was a good way of keeping touch with friends and family in the UK. Now, the knowledge that whatever is blogged about here could very quickly do the rounds of church, and who knows end up in the national media (Bishop of Willesden anyone?) does inhibit one slightly.

Anyway – new year, new start and I hope the discipline of blogging will actually keep me sharp. I’m giving it til April this year, and if I’m not back in the flow by then, it will be goodbye blogging, but that’s a gloomy note to end on so instead – have a look at our shiny new church website:


Still needs a bit of tweaking but I’m pretty pleased wit it, not least because at long last Karen our administrator can look after it for me now! yay!


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