Prayer for Brunei

During the 40 days of Lent I’m committed to praying each day for Christians in the 40 countries where the cost of being a follower of Christ is highest. I invite you to do the same. The information on the prayer needs of each country comes from a combination of Open DoorsBarnabas Fund and Operation World.

Today we are Praying for Brunei

The Challenge for Prayer

Islam dominates life in Brunei, with a brand that is conservative but not radical. Islamization by financial and career inducements as well as by general pressure to convert and conform has yielded a slow but steady trickle of converts from among the tribal and Chinese minorities. Despite constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom, it is illegal to proselytize and illegal for a Muslim to convert to another religion. Other religions are often infiltrated by government agents for monitoring purposes.

Pray for an atmosphere of religious freedom and spiritual openness and for the observance of the constitutional right for other religions to be practiced.

Most Christians in Brunei are expatriates and migrants. They are allowed to practise their faith, but not to share it with Malays, the major people group in Brunei. Churches that are officially registered and recognised are prohibited from taking in seekers and converts from the local population. Violation of these restrictions means church closure and possible imprisonment for the pastor. Because of these restrictions, believers from a Muslim background are often isolated and neglected.

Please Pray:

  • For the few pastors prepared to minister to believers from a Muslim background
  • That local churches will embrace converts fleeing threats because of their faith in Christ
  • For children of believers from a Muslim background, that the seeds of faith will be preserved in their hearts.
  • Bruneian students attend university in countries such as Malaysia, Australia and the UK. Pray that they will be welcomed by Christians and may have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Pray for those who commit their lives to Christ abroad and return home to live and work in Brunei.
  • Pray especially for St Andrew’s Church. Several congregations meet under its roof and its influence is strategic.

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