John Stott

John Stott passed away on Wednesday aged 90. He was a hero to me and every Evangelical you would care to meet. His impact upon the Church in general and the Church of England in particular was profound. The New York Times has a nice obituary, and summarises his approach well:

"For him, Christianity means probing the mysteries of Christ. He is always exploring paradoxes. Jesus teaches humility, so why does he talk about himself so much? What does it mean to gain power through weakness, or freedom through obedience? In many cases the truth is not found in the middle of apparent opposites, but on both extremes simultaneously."

I only had the privilege of hearing John preach once, and that was during a college chapel service when I was a student at LBC (now LST). He began by saying that he had 17 points, we laughed thinking it was joke; it wasn’t! The Cross of Christ, and Basic Christianity are well thumbed and sitting on my bookshelf. I recommend them whole heartedly.


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