The Eternal God is our refuge – Justin Welby

121225071_welby_381472kI like Justin Welby, and I think his leadership is going to be a real blessing to the Church of England. Yes theologically we come from the same stable and that helps, but I think he has a real integrity and that comes across every time I hear him speak. He has just made his first speech to General Synod, and received a warm applause.

It will be recorded in the press, and each commentator will seek to put there spin on it; looking for evidence of him moving down their agenda. I’m not going to do that. Listen to it yourself, in it’s entirety, it’s clear, warm hearted, honest and not afraid to say the things that need to be said however uncomfortable. I think Justin realises that often we Christians are saying the right things in entirely the wrong way and so are dismissed and sometimes despised. One thing that I doubt will be commented on in the mainstream media is the refrain that flowed through his address, a quote from Deuteronomy chapter 33

“We need not fear, the eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms”


You can watch the full speech here.

Praying for Syria – Day 30

From Open Doors:

Open Doors has been working in Syria for a number of years, to serve the church through leadership and discipleship training, Bible distribution and trauma counselling. Pray for discernment for Open Doors teams as they consider how best to strengthen the church in Syria, not just in the short term but also for the longer term task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.