Inspiring testimony of a Bhutanese pastor

I find this short video from the US inspiring. It tells the story of a pastor from Bhutan planting a new church among Bhutanese refugees in America. Bhutan is one of the least evangelised countries in the world and Christians are denied religious freedoms we in the West take for granted; church buildings are forbidden and Bhutanese who become Christian face the loss of their citizenship and other benefits such as free education and health care.

They need our support and prayer.



Pray for Cebu

Before coming to St Giles I was a missionary living and serving in Cebu city in the Philippines. It was an incredibly rich time and I have an enduring love of the people and affection for the country and city. This last week Cebu was close to the epicentre of the worst earthquake that the region has known for 25 years.


The photo above is of some of the damage in Mandaue city, close to where I lived and where many of our church members where from (courtesy of Big Picture).

The BBC have more on the story here though it has hardly featured in the national news, possibly 150 have been killed; keep the country, city and church in your prayers.