Taking up prayer Iran for Lent

I was slightly thrown when my 8 year old asked me yesterday what I was giving up for Lent. I hadn’t realised it had hit his consciousness, but there we are! For me it’s no more chocolate. But more significantly in the spiritual realm is what I intend to take up for lent. I am going to be praying for the church in Iran. Over that last couple of years I have discovered more about this beautiful country and it’s growing church. A church desperately in need of our prayers and our material support. Elam is a wonderful ministry supporting the Iranian church – led by Iranian Christians and their prayer diary is going to be the basis of my intercessions for the next 40 days.

I commend them and the church in Iran to you.


Praying for Syria – Day 30

From Open Doors:

Open Doors has been working in Syria for a number of years, to serve the church through leadership and discipleship training, Bible distribution and trauma counselling. Pray for discernment for Open Doors teams as they consider how best to strengthen the church in Syria, not just in the short term but also for the longer term task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.